JFuture 2019 Notes

November 26, 2019

About a week ago (on November, 16th, Saturday) this year I attended (although for the first time) JFuture conference.

The set of topics was the ideal match of the areas which I am at the moment highly interested in. And which are very relevant for the current state of the industry. Very great job by the program committee!

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Building SNAP

November 14, 2019

In my spare, I develop open-source tools for various topics. Mainly the tools which support the project I am working on. Depends on the type of tool there are different distribution strategies.

One of the distribution options is to build and publish the snapcraft.

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Running JavaFX application on Amazon Linux remotely over SSH using Amazon Correto

November 7, 2019

Recently I was trying to build the docker image for running my JavaFX DynamoDB Manager application. While it proves to be possible (although it looks like you have to apply various techniques to make it work on all platforms: Linux, Windows, and macOS) I was currently focused on the Linux platform only.

As I wanted it to be distributed over Docker and publish the image into the Docker Hub I didn't want the image to be based on the Oracle JDK 8 due to the licensing issues but use OpenJDK instead.

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2018 Technical Summary

January 5, 2019

Here is the summary of the 2018 year from the technical perspective.

Tool(s) of the year

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Go Lang Data Types Cheatsheet

March 2, 2018

I see the value of learning and practicing new programming languages. Although the value is when the new language introduces the different paradigm than the languages you already know, and change/challenge they way you think or program. Also the important aspect is the market share for the language, i.e. whether there is the demand on the market for such skills.

In that regards the two languages I focus on apart from the main language (which is Java) which I use for day to day development these are: Go and Clojure.

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